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Emerson College Hillel is focused on enriching the lives of Jewish students so that they may enrich the Jewish people and the world.  Hillel student leaders, professionals, and lay members are dedicated to creating a pluralistic, welcoming and inclusive environment for Jewish college students, where they are encouraged to grow intellectually, spiritually and socially.  Hillel is committed to a diversified vision of Judaism that embraces all movements.

Hillel helps students find a balance in being distinctively Jewish and universally human by encouraging them to pursue tzedek (social justice), tikkun olam (repairing the world) and Jewish learning.  Emerson College Hillel's programs are designed to support Israel and global Jewish peoplehood.  

For more information, please contact Jacob Freedman, Hillel Advisor at 617-791-1108 or [email protected] 

Meet the Emerson Hillel Student Board 2017-2018:

Sofia Barrett - President
Sami Warkow - Vice President
Jessica Pressman - Secretary
Becca Silberfein - Treasurer
Kevin Berk - Multimedia
Scarlett Shiloh - Program Coordinator


Peer Engagement Training Changed My Life


Scarlett Shiloh

My name is Scarlett Kyle Shiloh and I’m a sophomore at Emerson College majoring in Game Design with a minor in Hearing & Deafness. When I came to college last year, I was out of touch with Judaism. I joined Hillel and really found my place at Emerson. I am so glad I joined the Executive Board because it led to one of the most life-changing weekends of my life.

I was invited to represent Emerson at a Peer Engagement training sponsored by Hillel International, held at Capital Camps in Pennsylvania. I had no idea how much this weekend would impact me. From the moment we boarded the airport shuttle bus, I knew I had so much in common with students from the other colleges and this was going to be a great weekend. The activities varied from ice breakers to deep, personal conversations about Jewish identity. We discussed how to get students more involved by getting to know them on a personal level and finding out what *they* want to see from Hillel. We conversed on how to bring ALL Jewish students together, regardless of ‘what kind of Jew they were’. How to open our groups to be more inclusive for every Jew, including Jewish people of color and LGBTQ+ Jews was also deliberated.

I learned so much over that weekend, such as holding conversations and the three parts of active listening: ‘be interested, not interesting; follow the meaning; and ‘let me see if I get it’. Learning how to deescalate and handle heated discussions was also helpful, as Jewish people come from all sort of backgrounds and disagreements are bound to happen. One of the most meaningful takeaways was the four bubbles of programming: positive memory, knowledge, Jewish self-confidence, and people/community. Following this model, many programming ideas can be brought forth to strengthen the college Jewish experience.

The biggest impact on me was that it reconnected me to my Judaism. I stopped believing in God in middle school, even becoming resentful of my Judaism, and went through a variety of spiritual experiences. However, after being surrounded by supportive, kind, and nurturing Jewish people, I recognized that my Judaism is a huge part of my identity, and now realize how very important it is to me. I’m very grateful for the opportunity, and hope that I can pass down the knowledge and ideas I learned at the program to my fellow Hillel members!



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