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Suffolk Hillel sponsors social, religious, educational and cultural programming and offers resources including:

  • Speakers and events focused on Jewish issues
  • Holiday celebrations and arrangements
  • Support from Jewish faculty members, the University chaplain, and Hillel Council of New England
  • Connections to the greater Boston Jewish community

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Meet the 2017-2018 eBoard!

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 Shabbat at Suffolk University

Student Voices


Suzanne GammerComing straight from a semester abroad in Prague to Israel was a tough transition, a transition that I wasn’t expecting to be as tough as it was. I forgot about a few major cultural aspects of Israel such as the loudness, aggressiveness, and the openness of people.

This was definitely a culture shock for me as I was coming from a culture in Prague that is more quiet, people stay to themselves, and an overall different feel to the city. I was in shock as soon as I had to wait in an unorganized line to get through the visa check at Ben Gurion.

This of course was a challenge for me as I had to quickly adjust to the environment of Israel. After a few days of staying with my family and friends in Israel, I did a week long program with Livnot U'Lehibanot in Tzfat. Which was very spiritual and helped me discover more about my Jewish identity, but right after that program ended about a day later, I had to start all over again with making friends when starting Onward Boston Jerusalem.

Living in Jerusalem was an incredible experience, because it is just so fascinating. You can feel the tensions in the air of the city during at the day, but at night, especially in the Shuk, it appears that all the tensions between others disappear. It’s a city unlike others, such as Tel Aviv where you can barely notice any tensions and has a more relaxed vibe to it. One of my major goals with participating in Onward and living in Israel for two months was to be able to understand the conflict between Israel-Palestine and be able to speak about it. Well I have got to say after the two months, I am more confused but I now understand that the confusion is good, as it raises more questions and shows how complex the issue is. I was happy to be surrounded by a diverse group of other participants with whom we could discuss this conflict and show several different views of the matter. The great thing about Onward is that it not only was showing me the best things of Israel, but it didn’t hide the not so good parts either. I feel as if I have been exposed to and have learned about other conflicts occurring in Israel outside of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Through not only the speakers, and presentations by the program but by conversations with other participants as well. Being co-president of the Hillel at Suffolk University I have always felt a pressure made by myself to defend Israel, and these conversations I would have with others would usually be a challenge, I really wanted to have an open-mind during my program and learn more about Israel and about the not so good parts about Israel as well. Now, I feel that I have a more balanced view of Israel, and I recognize that it isn’t perfect. Let’s be honest, no country is. Or I at least have the tools to think of way to bring up Israel on campus and how to defend Israel if need be from the speakers I had met during my Onward experience.


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